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BERETTA 92 Brigadier size -15 Bianchi Model 7120 AccuMold® Defender® Duty Holster Left hand

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Model 7120 AccuMold® Defender® Duty Holster BERETTA 92 Brigadier size -15

This holster is specially designed to perfectly fit BERETTA 92 Brigadier size -15

An excellent duty holster that incorporates a traditional thumb break with our Pinch® Retention Device (PRD™). The PRD is a polymer clamp, riveted and sewn into the welt of the holster. It provides additional retention at the front of the trigger guard, yet releases cleanly when the weapon is drawn in an upward motion. Jacket slot belt loop fits up to 2.25" duty belts.

  • Features:
  • Top-draw holster with standard ride
  • Reinforced thumb snap closure
  • Internal Tension Strips™ enhance gun retention
  • Bianchis Pinch® Retention Device (PRD™) enhances retention by gripping the pistols trigger guard
  • Unique Coptex™ lining that helps protect gun finish and allows smooth draw
  • Locking strip on inside of belt loop secures holster to Bianchi 7200 Duty Belt
  • Metal reinforced 2.25" (58mm) jacket slot belt loop, curved for comfort
  • OD - Special order - 25 unit minimum order required
  • Closed muzzle
  • Carry: Strongside
  • Finish: Black.
  • Left Hand.

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  • Model: BI-18785

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