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BERETTA 8045 Mini Cougar Bianchi Model 7105 AccuMold® Cruiser™ Duty Holster Right hand

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Bianchi Model 7105 AccuMold® Cruiser™ Duty Holster BERETTA 8045 Mini Cougar size -11

This holster is specially designed to perfectly fit BERETTA 8045 Mini Cougar size -11

The Cruiser is a high ride duty holster that positions the pistol close to the body. This traditional design is ideal for administrative personnel and others who are not in a high risk patrol environment. It provides the most comfort for those who spend a great deal of time seated in a vehicle or at a desk.


  • Features:
  •    Top-draw holster with AccuMold® trilaminate construction for duty use
  •    High ride
  •    Unique Coptex™ inner lining that helps protect gun finish and provides a smooth draw
  •    Ideal for law enforcement use with 50Right greater density foam than standard civilian AccuMold® holster
  •    Adjustable thumbstrap
  •    Quick-Slide™ injection molded belt loop fits up to 2.25" (58mm) belts
  •    Closed muzzle
  • Carry: Strongside
  • Finish: Black.
  • Right Hand.

Note: The picture shown might differ from the actual.

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  • Model: BI-18428

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